An internship abroad is an adventure and a lifelong experience gained. You will set foot in a country with a different culture and environment, meet new people, and create wonderful memories. To assist with this the Living Lab provides free assistance in arranging your internship in the Netherlands or Canada. Annually, students go for their internship or graduation abroad.

The internship and graduation projects that we organize in the area of sustainability fit perfectly in the level of education in both countries and provide a challenge for all students who want to do an intern abroad!


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Universities (of Applied Sciences)

Universities are increasingly feeling the need for internationalization, the markets are globalizing and human capital is moving around at a rapid pace. In order to advance this creates the need to further globalize universities as well to increase the educational programs and strengthen the human capital it produces. The Living Lab assists in this by providing a platform for international cooperation among several stakeholders within universities, government, and industry. It relinquishes the need for individual agreements and gives a central point of contact.


The living lab provides the following benefits for a university:

  • International cooperation
  • Student and professor mobility
  • Joint applied research
  • Joint developments of education programs
  • Special education programs (e.g. MOOCs and Pressure Cooker Weeks) 

Related courses and exchange programs

Green Chemistry

Related study programs (4y):

  • Sustainable Energy and Green Materials
  • Chemical Technology
  • Green Chemistry
  • Biobased Technology
  • Green Engineering
  • Circular Economy in Process Technology

Related exchange programs (6m):

  • Sustainable Energy
  • Process Technology and Energy Transition
  • Biobased Technology & Business Development
  • Process Technology and Energy Transition
  • Biorefinery Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Biopolymers

Resilient Cities

Related study programs (4y):

  • Environmental Science
  • Biobased Technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Water Management

Related exchange programs (6m):

  • Environmental Consultancy
  • Building with Nature
  • Water Safety & Spatial Planning
  • Water Technology
  • Aquaculture
  • Environmental Geography
  • Art & Nature

Agro & Food

Related study programs (4y):

  • International Food Business
  • Master Agribusiness Development
  • Circular Economy and new business models
  • Sustainable Energy and Green Materials

Related exchange programs (6m):

  • Biobased Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable Energy and Green Materials

Sustainable Business Development

Related Study programs (4y):

  • International Sustainable Business
  • Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, Management, Law and Human Resource Management

Related exchange programs (6m):

  • Circular Economy
  • Biobased Technology and Business Development
  • Circular Economy and Business Innovation