exchange programs

A Living Lab is a program that unites universities, private businesses and public organizations, from two countries, to provide state of the art applied research opportunities and real-life research assignments for researchers and students in a key area of the Netherlands and Canada.


Main actions within a Living Lab are; student exchange for education and research internships, educational projects, joint applied research, networking and knowledge sharing. The Living Lab Circular Economy Canada focuses on the following four themes:

Resilient cities

Related exchange programs (6 months)

  • Environmental Consultancy (Av)
  • Building with Nature (Z)
  • Water Safety & Spatial Planning (Z)
  • Water Technology (Z)
  • Aquaculture (Z)
  • Art & Nature (Av)
  • Environmental Geography (Av)

green chemistry

Related exchange programs (6 months)

  • Sustainable Energy (A)
  • Biobased Tech & Business Development (Av)
  • Process technology and energy transition (R)
  • Biorefinery Technology (Av)
  • Biopolymers (Av)
  • Biotechnology (Av)

agro & food

Related exchange programs (6 months)

  • Biobased Entrepreneurship (A)
  • Sustainable Energy and Green Materials (A)

Sustainable business development

Related exchange programs (6 months)

  • Circular Economy (A)
  • Biobased Tech and Business Development (Av)
  • Circular Economy & Business Innovation (R)