Are you interested to go to Canada or the Netherlands for an internship or graduation assignment? Please check out our vacancies below.

Internships in Breda

Interesting internship at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda.

Internship in Québec at Trois-Rivières

Interesting internship at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières for a (bio)chemist or (bio)chemical engineer. 


Information about required documents UQTR:

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Internship in Ontario at Western University

New potential internship offer at ICFAR:

Improving fluid bed and flexi cokers for thermal cracking”.

 “This research will be used to improve the performance of industrial fluidized bed processes, such as Fluid Cokers and Flexi Cokers. As industry gradually transitions from crude oil, Fluid Cokers and Flexi Cokers will be used to process waste materials such as biomass or recycled plastics. This project will help industry adapt these technologies to get the best possible performance for these new feedstocks”.


Other research areas of interest are:

  1. Pyrolysis of Agricultural and Forestry Residues for the Production of Value-Added Gaseous, Liquid and Solid Products.
  2. Waste-to-Resources: Transformation of Wastes and Residues into Value-Added Resources.
  3. Pyrolysis of Mixed Plastic Residues for their Conversion into Diesel-Like Fuels. 

Information about required documents Western:


Interested in a vacancy?

If you are interested in a vacancy and want to apply, please e-mail Margot Verwei with your CV, motivation letter and transcript of grades (English).



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